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RBA Cash Rate at its Lowest, Time for a New Car?

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RBA: Interest Rates Will Stay Low

Despite being primarily a public health issue, the Bank of Australia acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic has a significant impact on the financial system and the overall economy.

As their response to the financial situation, the Reserve Bank Board lowered the cash rate to 0.1 per cent and may not see an increase until 2024.

This new policy is expected to support job creation and stimulate economic growth by lowering the cost of funding and supporting the supply of credit to the economy.

How Will This Affect Consumers?

When interest rates go down, borrowing money becomes cheaper. Large purchases made on credit becomes more affordable, such as home loanscar loansmotorbike loanstruck loans, and credit card expenses.

Car Financing is on the Rise

The lowered cash rate has driven steady growth in the demand for new cars in the last five months. More people have been open to car financing in brisbane, thanks to the relatively low interest rates.

Intense Demands may Result in Supply Shortages

The economic effect of the pandemic has driven interest rates in Australia to an all-time low and encouraged consumers to leverage on credit.

Yet, the very same pandemic has disrupted global supply chains, and the Australian Automotive Dealer Association is still unclear about when the issue will be resolved.

High Demand and Low Supply

This situation can only push car prices to go up over the coming period. If you’re in the market or considering buying a new car, this might be the best time to finance a new car. Cash rates are low, and the situation’s effects on car prices have yet to manifest.

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