If you have something you want or need to purchase now, and are happy to take a personal loan to get there, we can help to ensure that your personal finance solution is the one that gets you to where you want to be.

When you use Buddii to secure your personal loan, you get attentive and professional service from a team of Brisbane personal loan experts who have your best interests at heart. We want to match you with the perfect personal loan for your needs, and whether it’s small loans, quick loans or a larger personal loan you’re after, we can offer the right kind of finance to improve your life.


Simply make an enquiry online or give our team a call on 1300 BUDDII. One of our senior brokers will take your application and gather all the information they need from you right there and then, with zero hassle.


We make sure that we understand exactly what you need from your personal loan. We then handle all the paperwork and documentation while coordinating with our lender’s panel to secure the best rate and loan terms for you.


You’ll be matched with the perfect personal finance solution. We’ll take care of the entire application submission process for you, working to get you approved as fast as possible so you can fund your next project, holiday or purchase.

Why You Need a Brisbane Personal Finance Broker from Buddii


When we match you with your loan, we don’t just pair you based on personal loan interest rates (although these are certainly important). At Buddii, we dig much deeper, also looking at a range of other factors like your lifestyle, current and future circumstances, and how your repayments are going to work. We work hard to ensure that your loan is going to be a benefit to your life, instead of an unmanageable financial burden.

When you work with us, you are guaranteed to get the best personal loans service:

  • High approval rating – so you can get your loan faster
  • An easy-to-follow loan approval process
  • Access to competitive interest rates
  • A dedicated loan broker to manage your application from beginning to end
  • Help in understanding and accessing the very best financial products
  • Both secured and unsecured personal loans available


Don’t waste precious time trawling the internet and the countless financial products to find a loan – get in touch with our dedicated Brisbane loan brokers and discover the difference that our tailored service makes.

Your Unsecured Personal Loan


Getting a personal loan with Buddii is simple and straightforward. We provide unsecured personal loans through our wide network of trusted Australian lenders, designed to give you all the flexibility you want from a loan without putting a strain on your repayments.

Unsecured loans are the most common type of loan when it comes to personal loans, working much like a credit card where the lender gives you an amount of money without attaching it to any kind of security (like a car, or some shares, etc.) and you pay it off over the agreed term. The ownership of the item is completely in your name, however, this means that the interest rate on these loans is usually higher when compared to secured loans.

A personal loan can be used to buy a range of things, so if you’re after a new road bike, need to make renovations to your home or are looking to fund an overseas holiday, an unsecured personal loan might be just the way to get there sooner.

Get in Touch Today for Tailored Personal Finance


Our dedicated Brisbane personal finance experts are standing by and ready to take your call – so get in touch today on 1300 BUDDII and take the first step to obtaining the perfect financing for what you’re missing. We can secure you optimal personal loan interest rates and will work tirelessly to match you with the right personal finance product for your needs.

Whether you need small personal loans or just want to compare personal loan rates for your next purchase, you’ll realise the difference that working with a Buddii personal loan broker can make.