Often, success in business depends on having the right equipment.



To grow profitably, you need to invest in the right kind of machinery and/or equipment that increases your productivity and drives efficiency and performance.

An equipment loan allows you to take advantage of opportunities by having the appropriate equipment for your business when and where you need it. Don’t risk missing out on a valuable prospect for the sake of some equipment – secure the right equipment financing in Brisbane today with the help of Buddii’s loan brokers.


Simply make an enquiry online or give our team a call on 1300 BUDDII. One of our senior brokers will take your application and gather all the information they need from you right there and then, with zero hassle.


We work with you to paint a picture of your current lifestyle, understand exactly what you need from your housing loan and how it will fit in. We’ll manage all the paperwork and coordinate with our lender’s panel to get you the best deal.


We match you with the right mortgage loan. We’ll handle the whole application submission process for you, working hard to get you approved as quickly as possible so that there’s nothing stopping you from picking up the keys to your brand new home.

Benefits of Business Equipment Financing in Brisbane with Buddii


When you use a loan to invest in equipment, it frees up working capital which can then be used in more effective ways than having your cash tied up in equipment. A key component of success in business is cash flow, after all, so you should always choose wisely when it comes to how you spend your money. An business equipment loan makes sense if you need machinery or items for your business but don’t want to tie up your cash in a non-liquid asset.

Plus, when you use a loan to buy, lease or hire equipment, you can also take advantage of potential tax rebates and benefits. A Brisbane equipment loan, structured the right way and managed appropriately, can be a real boon for your Brisbane business.

Working with Buddii gives you


  • Flexible equipment loans from a range of trusted lenders
  • Fixed or variable interest rates for commercial equipment financing
  • Access to machinery finance, heavy equipment financing and construction equipment financing
  • Quality business equipment financing advice from our experienced brokers
  • Potential tax deductions for depreciation and costs of running

Who We Can Help


Do you run your own business and/or need smart financing for commercial equipment? We can help you. Whether you need plant equipment, heavy machinery or new computers and information systems, we can source the right loan for your circumstances and financial situation.

At Buddii, we know how important it is to structure your business equipment financing to maximise cash flow and minimise the impact on your daily operations. We can work with you to uncover the needs of your business and structure your loan intelligently so that it has minimal impact on your everyday transactions while giving you fast access to the funds you need for your next project.

How to Choose Machinery Finance and Equipment Loans in Brisbane


No matter what you’re doing in business, there’s always a lot to consider – and getting equipment financing is no different. We can help you to work through the range of loan products available and match you with the right solution for your project and business structure.

It’s helpful to think about how you’re going to use your equipment as this can impact on the type of loan you get, the tax benefits and potentially even the rates you pay. You should also think about the type of loan you want to secure – are you after a chattel mortgage lease? A commercial hire purchase? Perhaps you want to refinance something? No matter the case, our loan brokers can work through all of the elements of your circumstances and uncover the perfect product for where you’re at and where you want to be.

Work Through Your Financial Situation


To ensure successful finance and a valuable equipment investment, you must think about the current financial situation of your business and the impact your loan is going to have on your operations. Can you afford a high repayment schedule, or would a lower repayment amount suit you over a longer term?

Don’t risk having any of your questions unanswered and setting yourself up for a tough time down the line. At Buddii, we can help you to find the perfect loan product for your commercial equipment financing needs.

Get started by giving us a call on 1300 BUDDII or enquire online by using our contact form. As your partner in quality equipment finance, you’ll notice the difference that input from the Brisbane equipment loan specialists at Buddii will make to your business’ bottom line.