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We specialise in Brisbane boat loans that are perfectly suited to your circumstances so that it won’t be a burden on your finances or lifestyle.

At Buddii, we live and breathe finance, and we operate in partnership with a broad range of top-tier lenders to get you closer to your dream boat sooner.

If securing the right finance is the only thing keeping you from the open water, then you need to get in touch with our Brisbane boat loan and boat finance specialists today. 


Make an enquiry online or give our team a call on 1300 BUDDII. One of our senior brokers will take your application and gather all the necessary information from you quickly, easily and with zero hassle.


We work hard to ensure we understand exactly what you need from your boat financing. We handle all the paperwork and coordinate with our lender’s panel to negotiate the best deal for you from the right lender.


We match you with the perfect marine finance package. Your broker will take care of the whole application submission process for you, working to get you approved as fast as possible so you can be out on the water sooner.

Benefits to Partnering with Buddii for Your Brisbane Boat Loan


  • Fixed or variable boat loan rates on a range of loans from top tier lenders
  • Flexible terms for new boat loans and used boat loans
  • Optional boat financing deposits depending on the lender
  • Potential for tax deductions depending on financial structure


At Buddii, our Brisbane boat loan specialists work closely with you to understand what you want out of your marine finance and use our advanced loan matching criteria to tailor the right loan package for you from our exclusive range of leading Australian lenders. Our dedication to getting you the ideal boat loan means not just a loan with the best rates, but that also has flexible terms to suit your lifestyle both now and in the future.

You’ll enjoy a real relationship with your broker who will work tirelessly on your behalf to negotiate the best in boat financing rates, repayments and terms in Brisbane. We’ll also provide you with important information and education to help you understand your loan, the repayments, the potential for finishing your loan earlier and any other constraints or limitations that may be put on you.

Our goal is your goal: to secure a low rate boat loan that works for you today, tomorrow and ten years on.

New and Used Boat Financing


Whether your heart is set on a brand new boat or a pre-loved vessel full of character and charm, Buddii will help you make it yours. Our boat loan specialists offer both new and used boat loans in Brisbane to fund any type of boat, jet ski or other marine vessel, with all finance packages backed by flexible terms and repayment options.

Join the ranks of proud boat owners everywhere and set sail sooner with Buddii.


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We are standing by to take your call and would love to help you set sail in your dream vessel. With key experience where it really matters, our dedicated loan brokers are your number one asset when it comes to securing the best boat loan interest rates at the best prices. Contact our team online today and discover the difference having a Buddii boat loan broker on your side can make.

Important Boat Loan Terms


Getting into the world of boat finance can be confusing. The following terminology will help you understand the types of loans available, and if you need more information at any time, you can always call your dedicated broker on 1300 283 344.

Secured loans

These are loans in which your new boat is going to be used as the security for your loan. In some cases, you can also use another form of asset as security. With a secured loan, the lender is going to keep some ownership as part of the boat financing and will keep this until the boat is paid off. If you can’t pay the loan off, the risk is that the lender can liquidate (sell) your boat, but the benefit is that you’ll often have lower boat loan rates.

Unsecured loans

These are also sometimes called personal loans, and they occur when a lender gives you a loan based on your current circumstances without any security like the boat or some other asset. This kind of loan does attract higher interest rates, but it also means that your boat is purely in your name.