How To Set And Achieve Your Financial Goals

As the new year rolls around, many find it the perfect opportunity to assess how they’re going with their goals and set new ones for the upcoming year.

Health, relationships, career and finances are all major areas to set goals for. Finances, in particular, is an area of particular importance because it has an impact on all areas of our lives.

To help get your money sorted this year, we’ve put together a list of steps to help show you how to set and achieve your financial goals.

Let’s dive into them.

Review your finances

Before you get caught up in setting ambitious money goals for the year, the first step is to review your finances. If you haven’t already, put together a spreadsheet with your income and expenses, including any investments and debt, to work out where you stand currently. By doing this, you can see what your current spending habits are and put together a budget that works for your situation and personality.


  • Read your latest bank statement
  • Create a budget spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets

Write down your financial goals

Now that you know what you’re earning and spending, you have a tangible guide to work out your financial goals. This is the fun part.

Everyone has their own financial goals. You may want to start your own business or grow one you have. Others could be you want to invest in your personal growth or pursue a hobby you’re passionate about.

For example, you may have your own transportation business and wish to fast track growth in 2022. You might set a goal to expand your fleet of vehicles or invest in new business software that can help you manage more deliveries. A business loan can help get you started.

Whatever it might be, writing it down is the first step to making it a reality. Once you’ve decided on your financial goals, set a start date and deadline to reach them.


  • Consider how your financial goals may feed other goals in your life
  • Put pen to paper and write it down

Build habits to achieve them

Consistency is the key to achieving any goal. That’s why building habits is so important. James Clear, the author of the New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits, suggests practical steps for building consistent actions. One of his points is you have to start by showing up. Instead of trying to engineer the perfect habit from the start, do the easy thing on a more consistent basis.

Some habits you could integrate into your routine could be doing a weekly check-in on your budget to make sure you’re adhering to your financial goals. Building some kind of routine to monitor spending is the key to success staying disciplined — whether that be avoiding overspending, paying down debt or allocating money towards a savings goal.


Take that first step towards your financial goals

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to take that first step.

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