The Top EVs Arriving In Australia In 2024

With EVs (electric vehicles) becoming all the rage on Australian roads, it’s always fun to look ahead and see just what exciting new car models are arriving in the country in the coming months. Previously, there were slim pickings when it came to electric vehicles available in Australia, but as the EV market has grown, so too have manufacturers that are able to offer their cars on our shores. In fact, 34 new models are being released in 2024 alone.

Here’s a look at some of the most anticipated EVs that are hitting the market in 2024 – from zippy smaller SUV models right through to impressive large vans for the whole family.

Image courtesy Mini USA, overseas model shown

1. The Mini Countryman EV

Electric Mini Coopers and Countrymans aren’t entirely new – you can actually build and order one right now if you’d like – but the Mini Countryman EV, to be released at the latter half of 2024, is the first iteration of this small, quirky SUV that’s sure to be an option for those who want the go-kart like speed of the Mini with all the benefits that electric vehicles have to offer.

According to Mini, the new Countryman EV features a 9.4” round OLED display with a refreshed user interface design, MINI’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, and eight MINI Experience Modes which use light projections to create an immersive driving experience (and much more). It also has more room to roam, with a greater range than the current Countryman hybrid model.


Image courtesy Toyota, overseas model shown

2. Toyota bZ4X

Intended to compete against the likes of Tesla’s Model Y and Hyundai’s IONIQ 5, the bZ4X is hoping to be one of the most popular electric vehicles available in Australia by the time its release rolls around. Delayed a few times, the bZ4X will finally be here in 2024 and is a mid-size, SUV-like model with a bit of a strange name, but thankfully anticipated to offer a 440 km driving range (although exact specs are yet to be released).

Image courtesy Audi

3. Audi SQ8 e-tron

There aren’t a lot of sporty EVs available in Australia currently, but Audi is set to shake things up when their SQ8 e-tron enters the market in 2024. This large electric SUV’s focus is power, and is able to accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 4.5 seconds without sacrificing range, able to reach 316 km on a full charge.

It’s worth noting that all this power doesn’t come cheap: the SQ8 e-tron comes with a price tag of $153,900 before on-road costs, which is a big increase from its former models.


Image courtesy Hyundai, conceptual model shown

4. Hyundai IONIQ 7

Expected to hit Australian showrooms some time next year, the ‘SEVEN’ has been seen out and about in testing (albeit under heavy canvas camouflage) and seems to follow the sleek conceptual images released at the Los Angeles Motor Show over 18 months ago.

The IONIQ 7 comes off the back of the award-winning IONIQ 5, and is touted to be a super-spacious seven-seater SUV with ample legroom and headroom for everyone on board. And while the IONIQ 7’s official range has yet to be officially announced, it’s expected to exceed 480 km, meaning that once it arrives it will be among the fanciest longest-range electric vehicles available in Australia.


Image courtesy Wikipedia

5. GAC Aion Hyper GT

When we’re talking about new EV brands coming to Australia in 2024, it’s definitely worth mentioning Chinese manufacturer GAC’s Aion Hyper GT – since it’s planning to take the Tesla Model 3 head-on. It’s an all-electric, sleek and stylish four-door sedan that reportedly offers a range of up to 600 km on a single charge. 

Inside, the Hyper GT features a minimalist and modern design, with a large touchscreen infotainment system and a spacious cabin that can comfortably seat five adults. The Hyper GT is expected to be priced competitively against the Tesla Model 3, making it a compelling option for Australian buyers looking for a stylish, fast, and affordable electric car.


Image courtesy Ford

6. Ford E-Transit Custom

Sure, it might not be as sleek as some of our other picks, but tradies and businesses alike will appreciate Ford’s E-Transit Custom’s arrival in Australia in 2024. With an official range of 380 km, the E-Transit Custom actually beats out diesel power and offers a 124KW fast-charge ability, as well as a reported maximum load length of 3450mm, a cargo volume of 6800 litres in standard form, and no less than 9000 litres in the optional high-roof version.

More importantly, Ford has focused on maximising uptime on the E-Transit Custom, with that fast charge we mentioned offering a 15-80 per cent recharge in 41 minutes. The 11kW AC three-phase onboard charger is also capable of fully recharging the battery in just 7.2 hours – meaning that your van will be ready to be on-site the next day.


Image courtesy Kia

7. Kia EV9

When talking about their upcoming EV release in Australia, Kia has stated that their EV9 is “redefining SUV. Ground-breaking. Luxurious. All-electric. It’s epic in proportion, yet captivating in appearance. Powerful in looks and intelligence.” Expected to launch on our shores in October, this 7-seater electric SUV includes a sleek design, spacious interior, and impressive range.

The EV9 also comes packed with features that make it a practical and family-friendly choice, including Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, two rows of massage seats, a huge boot, privacy blinds, an impressive range of over 500 km, making it one of the longest range electric vehicles available in Australia.


Image courtesy Tesla

8. Tesla Model 3

You can’t really talk about EVs and not mention Tesla. Their incredibly popular Model 3 is getting an upgrade in January of 2024 in terms of both cosmetic and engineering improvements. The cabin is quiet than ever, the front seats are now integrated into the climate control system, and everything has been fine-tuned to produce a better, sleeker Model 3.

When it comes to range, the Model 3 as it is now allows you to travel 513 km (or 629 km if you select the long-range model) on a single charge, making it a fantastic choice for electric vehicles available in Australia.


Image courtesy Volvo

9. Volvo EX30

With the aim of being all-electric by 2026, Volvo’s EV offerings in Australia are growing rapidly. Small, powerful and excellently priced, the EX30 could entice new EV car owners with its 460 km of electric driving range – which, while a little on the lower end when it comes to driving range (which is still respectable), it’s understandable when you realise it’s packing 200kW of power. 

Better still, the EX30 offers a 30-minute DC fast charging time (10-80%) and is apparently the Volvo car with the lowest carbon footprint out there, the EX30 is a great pick for the ultra-environmentally conscious.


10. Chery Omoda 5 EV

Another EV to be added to the list of electric vehicles available in Australia in 2024, Chery’s Omoda 5 EV is heralded as the car to re-launch Chery in Australia. Said to be delivering both great value and great tech, Chery has mentioned that the Omoda 5 EV includes a fast-charging 64kWh battery that can go from empty to 80% charged in around 40 minutes – an excellent feat for those who worry that they’ll be stuck waiting for their new EV to charge.

Whilst the Omoda 5 EV undoubtedly has its value, it’s also worth mentioning that it is being released off the back of the problematic Omoda 5, which included faulty lane keeping assistance (caused by a recalibration issue that has since been addressed),

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