How to generate more income & reduce risk from your investments

Generating extra income can be a challenge and while working more hours may increase your take home, it is of course capped by hours in the day! The alternative is generating investment income, but that can be just a bit harder than it looks!

Currently in Australia, lower interest rates have meant that returns to investors from cash at the bank. In fact, after tax and inflation, net real returns to investors is pretty much zero and in some instances, negative. This is forcing an increasing number of investors to look at alternatives, which perhaps do offer the prospect of positive real returns.


This means either Real Estate or the Stock Market. 

Real Estate prices in much of Australia are at historically high levels, meaning that a high upfront investment is needed, just to get in. While interest rates are low, which is a positive, so too are net yields, ie the money you receive as an investor after costs. High cash outlay and maybe 3 or 4% net return being the case here.