Corey Low

Corey Low

Operations Manager
Tell us about your Buddii journey, when it first began and how it has grown?

I joined the Buddii team in May 2021 as the Operations Manager. I have been in Finance and Real Estate for over a decade and worked for a variety of different companies including big banks, fintecs and brokerage firms. My experience was a great match for this newly created role as I have a very broad understanding of the finance industry which I can leverage to help the company grow in a sustainable way. We’ve kicked some really big goals already and am working hard to continue to doing so moving forward.

Why are you passionate about the finance industry?

I have been in the finance industry for most of my working life, so it’s what I know. I think that financial education in our schools is very poor and one of the things I enjoy most is helping people understand the basics better. Finance is a very important part of life and helping people find the right solution for them is a very satisfying feeling.

Why is Buddii the best in the business?

We genuinely care about our customers and will fight hard to get them the best result we possibly can. This is why we get so much repeat business and great reviews online. We also have a fantastic team culture where we support each other and have a lot of fun. I feel like this really shines through when we are dealing with our customers as our team genuinely enjoy being here.

Tell us about the Buddii team?

The team is what makes the company what it is. Everyone is willing to help each other and we have a real feeling of comradery in the office. Everyone is enthusiastic, ambitious and fun-loving which makes working here a very enjoyable experience. I couldn’t wish for a better team to be a part of.

Tell us about some of the feedback you receive from customers

Some of the best feedback we’ve had is from customers who had been declined by their own bank for some reason or another and are really down in the dumps. Finding them a solution helps pick them back up and improves both their lives and their self-confidence. 

Quickfire Round!
What do you do like to do in your spare time?

I love being in nature and am an avid rock climber (both indoor and outdoor) and do the occasional multi-day hike when I can. I also enjoy playing music and can hold a beat on a drum kit and strum a couple of songs on guitar.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a moustache parrot called Momo. Her breed is native to Nepal/India and she is named after one of my favourite food items.

Favourite holiday destination?

My favourite destination to date has been Nepal. The people are amazing and the Himalayas are indescribably beautiful and awe-inspiring. I can’t wait to go back.

Spirit animal?

Fox. I had this conversation with a group of friends around a camp fire a number of years ago and this seemed to be a unanimous vote for my spirit animal. I do resonate with a fox as they are small, agile and smart. They aren’t aggressive but can defend themselves with gusto if necessary.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

To control time.