Business Equipment Loan Calculator

If you are looking to upgrade some business equipment or machinery and don’t want to tie up your working capital in illiquid equipment, an equipment loan might be just what you need. When you’re ready to find out how much your business can borrow, take a look at our equipment finance calculator below.

This equipment finance calculator will show you:

  • Terms and interest rates for the life of a loan
  • How much your business can save by making extra repayments
  • How frequently you need to make repayments, and different loan repayment schedules

Get started with an equipment loan and get your business moving ahead today. Contact us and apply directly with Buddii – we’ll match you with the perfect finance solution for your business.



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Please note: This is an estimate provided for illustrative purposes only, and is based on the accuracy of information provided. It does not constitute a quote. Additional fees and charges may apply dependent on your individual circumstances. Fees such as early repayment costs and establishment fees are not accounted for in the examples of weekly repayments. Interest rates may be subject to change throughout the term of the loan.

Before Getting a Business Equipment Loan

  • Set a budget.

    Before shopping around for an equipment loan, determine what amount your business can realistically manage. This will help you set a budget that stays within your means while giving you the financial flexibility to grow other parts of your business.


  • Lease or buy?

    Some equipment is more cost-effective when they’re bought rather than leased, while others are the opposite. Find out what’s right for the equipment you want to invest in, so you can get the best value from your equipment loan.


  • Understand your loan options.

    Every equipment loan is different, with different payment structures, fees and penalties (if any). When choosing an equipment loan, make sure to consider each condition so you don’t get blindsided by unnecessary costs and expenses in the end.


  • Consider its impact on your business credit.

    Every loan will be recorded on your business credit, so make sure you understand what impact your equipment loan will have on it and how it affects with your plans for growth.



Terms and Conditions of Use

This equipment finance calculator tool is offered to you as a tool to help you estimate the repayment amount that you need to make, based on a user-specified rate and duration. The figures that are shown in this tool do not include all of the fees and establishment rates, and as a result this calculator cannot be relied upon to make financial decisions. If you would like full information about rates, fees, establishment costs and other loan information, then please contact one of our Buddii brokers to get started with your equipment loan today.

  • This equipment loan calculator is a tool, not a prediction of your financial commitment for a loan. This is only an estimate, and your actual repayment amounts may be higher or lower.
  • This calculator does not account for extras like establishment or account fees.
  • This calculator is for repayments made on principal and interest, not interest-only loans.